Climbing Success!!

P4 have all been climbing this afternoon!!!  We have been amazing – some of us even got to the top of the wall!!  Some of us were very nervous, but we all had growth mindsets and gave it a go!!  Giyia, Robbie and Jay B showcased their climbing skills!  Well done all!!!

2 boys climbing all on climbing wall am climbing GK climbing ML climbing MW climbing TM climbing

P4 At Camp!!!


We have had an amazing first day at camp!  After a two hour bus journey watching Minions we arrived and got into our rooms.  Lunch was amazing – the biggest school lunch we have ever had!!!

Lots of activities planned for Monday afternoon – fencing, nightline, indoor climbing and scrapheap challenge!

World Book Day 2016


Dear Parents and Carers

World Book Day is Thursday 3rd March. St. Luke’s will be celebrating World Book Day in a number of ways:

-Dress up as your favourite character! (prizes for best dressed pupil).

·Craft activity – come in to your child’s class at 2pm on the day and join in a craft activity linked to their class novel. We are all reading a Roald Dahl book this week.

-Both Primary 4 classes will be sharing their learning from camp on another day so will not be included in this activity.

-Design a Book Mark competition – to be judged nationally. All entries will be sent in by class teachers.

·Book Swap – bring in a pre loved book and swap it for another.

We hope to see you on the afternoon of March 3rd! And we hope to see your child come to school as their favourite book character!

Visit for more information on the many events and activities taking place across the country.


P3 are switched on!

In science this term, Primary 3 are learning about electricity and electrical circuits.


We’ve learnt that electricity passes along conductive materials like metal and we’ve learnt how to construct a simple circuit using a battery, wires and a bulb.

This week we’ve learnt how to make a simple switch for our circuit out of some card, a paper clip and some brass pins.



The wires connect to the bottom of the pins and when the paper clip is moved to touch both pins, the circuit is complete. Electricity can now flow through the circuit and the bulb will light up!


Mr Tilmouth

P6 Skiing Stars

Our P6 pupils have started Skiing lessons at Hillend with our P6 friends from Mayfield Primary School.  Our shared sessions are really helping us to make new friends and learn new skills together!  Have a look at some of our photos below!

IMG_0540 IMG_0544 IMG_0548