COVID Positive Testing and Contacts over the Festive Period

Dear Parents and Carers
Please find attached information on who to contact should your child test positive for COVID-19 during the festive period.  This is a central contact for all pupils.  Please note that you should not try to call or email the school with this information.
This will allow us to complete all relevant checks.
We wish all of our families a lovely festive period and hope you are all safe and healthy
St Luke’s Primary School

Selection box donations

St Luke’s Primary School is very thankful to a number of local businesses and organisations that have made donations to contribute to the purchasing of selection boxes for our children.

These will be give out to each child on Tuesday 22nd December.

Please see the attached letter for more information.



Self-isolation period update

Dear Parent / Carer / Colleague

The Scottish Government have announced that anyone required to self-isolate, due to contact with someone who has had a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19) will need to do so for 10 days following updated clinical advice.

The change, taking effect from Monday 14 December 2020, will apply as follows:

-Someone who, from 14 December, has been contacted through Test and Protect; their Local Health Board or Education Authority and have been notified to self-isolate, should do so for 10 days.
-Someone who was previously instructed to self-isolate will, from 14th December, be able to stop self-isolating ten days from when they were first notified to do so.
-Close contacts include members of the same household who test positive for COVID-19 – from 14th December, will now only need to isolate for 10 days, rather than 14.

Please see this letter for further information.