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Reading resources

To help support our children, we’re trying to get a variety of texts and reading materials into our classrooms. If you have any donatations that you could make to the school then please hand them into the school office or Mrs Walker.

Please see the poster below for more details.

Reading materials poster

Language of Learning – Concentration

In school this week we have been exploring concentration. In Assembly, we took part in staring contest, listened to our P7 pupils discussing concentration and levitation, and even watched Dynamo’s concentration skills in action!

We are creating our character for concentration and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

See below for our video from Dynamo!

Language of Learning Week 2 – Resourceful

Today in assembly, we explored what it means to be resourceful. We learned a new strategy: C3B4ME – where we try three strategies when we think we need support before we ask the teacher. We now have a resourceful toolkit strategy to use in class!

We watched this short film by Channel 4’s Supervet! He was really resourceful when his team had exhausted all possibilities to save Tiger the Cat! Watch it to see what we mean!

We then watched a short film by Bear Grylls. He didn’t have any water but showed his resourcefulness in finding water in the jungle!