Self-isolation period update

Dear Parent / Carer / Colleague

The Scottish Government have announced that anyone required to self-isolate, due to contact with someone who has had a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19) will need to do so for 10 days following updated clinical advice.

The change, taking effect from Monday 14 December 2020, will apply as follows:

-Someone who, from 14 December, has been contacted through Test and Protect; their Local Health Board or Education Authority and have been notified to self-isolate, should do so for 10 days.
-Someone who was previously instructed to self-isolate will, from 14th December, be able to stop self-isolating ten days from when they were first notified to do so.
-Close contacts include members of the same household who test positive for COVID-19 – from 14th December, will now only need to isolate for 10 days, rather than 14.

Please see this letter for further information.

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